creating concepts, running workshops,
sketching screens, writing copy,
drinking coffee
Currently working as an online strategist & interaction designer at Zicht online ~ Unofficially the coolest internet agency in Rotterdam.

Adventure time!

Last year I went on a great adventure and traveled to Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Chili, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos. I'm already looking forward to a new adventure! Canada or maby Africa?


The Big Berlin Book

Together with a niece I produced and published a book about the letters my grandparents wrote each other during the second World War. After the capitulation of The Netherlands my grandpa was forced to work in Berlin as a mechanic. He survived the heavy bombings of Berlin and his escape (by bike) from Berlin to The Netherlands.

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At midnight I transform into a Radio Intoxica DJ. Playing African jazz, Poppy French tracks from the sixties and psychedelic bossa nova's.